The Swedish Crown Princess Couple's Foundation

Foto: AnnaLena Ahlström/Kungl. Hovstaterna

Foto: AnnaLena Ahlström/Kungl. Hovstaterna

We aim to prevent social isolation and promote good health among children and youths in Sweden.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel established a foundation to mark the occasion of their marriage.

The Crown Princess Couple would like their Foundation to promote good health and combat exclusion among children and young people in Sweden. The choice of focus for the foundation has been determined by the Crown Princess Couple's commitment to issues related to young people's health and exclusion experienced by children and young people.

The Foundation will be able to provide grants to other organisations that work with these issues, but may also run projects of its own within this field.

Social isolation

Exclusion is a problem that often lead to human suffering. In Sweden, more than 15% of youths fail to fail to complete school and are at risk to end up in social isolation.


Every fifth child in Sweden is overweight. An unhealthy childhood often lead to an unhealty adulthood with increased risk of health related problems.


Contributions to the Crown Princess Couple's Foundation can be deposited from a swedish bank account into bank giro account 470-5463.

Gifts from abroad:
IBAN SE06 5000 0000 0542 8100 1115

Please state your name and address so that the Foundation can send a letter of thanks.


Elin Annwall, managing director
phone: +46 (8) 402 60 00